Profile Boats provides a three-year structural hull warranty and guarantees the hull construction to be free of faulty workmanship and materials.  This applies under normal leisure use and is limited to one year for commercial use.  This structural hull warranty is extended to ten years from initial purchase to the original owner for all models excluding the 1410 range. The original owner is the first registered owner from the manufacturer or initial dealer. Accessories such as steering, electrical components, paintwork, seating and upholstery have a one year warranty.  (During these warranty periods, any repairs must first be authorised by Profile Boats and must be at Profile Boats Napier premises or by a repairer authorised by Profile Boats.)  Delivery costs to and from the authorised repairer is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Only authorised repairs will be funded by Profile Boats.



This warranty shall become void if:

  1. The boat has been altered, modified or had unauthorised repairs.  This includes the fitting and gluing of carpets and linings, without previous authorization of Profile Boats (2008) Ltd.
  2. Damage resulting from motors and/or accessories being installed or fitted incorrectly.
  3. Any boat that is not loaded or powered within the recommendations on the specification plate affixed to the boat.
  4. Any boat that has been subjected to an accident, misuse or negligent use.
  5. Damage to the boat as the result of improper support or incorrect adjustment of a road trailer.
  6. Any boat used for racing or operating contrary to any written instructions provided by Profile Boats Limited.  If the boat is used commercially, a one year warranty applies.


Profile Boats accepts no responsibility for the following, which are excluded from this warranty.

1.    Maintenance or expected wear through normal use.

2.    Damage to upholstery by tearing, ripping, solvents or punctures.

3.    Oxidation and discolouration of uncoated aluminium surfaces.


Under this warranty the obligations of Profile Boats Limited shall be limited to replacement or repair of any part which Profile Boats Limited judges to be defective.

Profile Boats Limited will not be liable for any other special or consequential damages or costs of any kind or nature.

Profile Boats Limited reserves the right to change specifications and designs of any boat without assuming any obligations to modify any previously manufactured boats.

Nothing in the warranty limits or restricts a statutory right or remedy available to you under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.



It is recommended that to enhance the life and condition of your Profile Boat and Trailer that you wash all areas with fresh water both internally and externally.  This is important to avoid salt encrustation build-up and we recommend products such as ‘Salt-away’ or a wax based car wash: not detergent. We also advise particular attention to the anchor locker and recommend removing the rope to wash/clean the salt away at least once a year.



Profile Boats (2008) Limited – Warranty registration card.

 Purchaser Details:

 Full Name:___________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________

 Address:    ___________________________________________________________________________

 Phone No: (      )_______________________  E-mail: ________________________________________


Boat Model:   PROFILE:                                                      Serial No: ___________________________

Motor Details:

Motor Make: ___________________ Model: ____________________ Serial No: _________________


Purchaser’s Signature: __________________________ Date of sale: ___________________________


Please complete and mail/fax/scan within 14 days to:

Profile Boats, 220 Prebensen Drive, Napier, New Zealand.  Fax (06) 835-6223. Phone: 64 6 8359718.

Website: www.profileboats.com  E-mail: info@profileboats.co.nz


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