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Profile Boats Testimonal by Anaru Mathews 600H Sport

Anaru Mathews 600H Sport

We’ve spent 4 out of the last 5 weekends on the water (salt and fresh) mixture of glassy conditions and some rough and I can hand on heart say it’s the most confident and comfortable ride I’ve been in. It looks great, handles amazingly and the team have been great at checking in post sale. Looking forward to making more memories in the boat we’ve now called “Maui”. All the best.

Anaru Matthews Mar 2024

Profile Boats Testimonal by Cameron Clark 635H Limited

Cameron Clark 635H Limited

I recently purchased a new 635H Limited from the team at Profile Boats. I bought it unseen and relied on the reputation of Profile Boats to deliver a boat down to me in South Otago NZ. I am so pleased with my choice. The 635H is an outstanding boat and I could not be happier with the performance and quality of the boat. A big thank you to the team at Profile Boats!

Cameron Clark South Otago NZ Nov 2023

Profile Boats Testimonal by Paul Andrews 635H Limited

Paul Andrews 635H Limited

Picked up my Profile Boats 635H Limited last month and I am wrapped with how it goes. Been out in it heaps already. I have put it through its paces off the West Coast and was really impressed with how it handled the rough conditions. Paul Andrews. Auckland NZ.  635H Limited August 2023

Profile Boats Testimonal by Keith and Sue Burden 635H Limited

Keith and Sue Burden 635H Limited

Hi Profile Boats

Many thanks for being there every step of the way with the making of our Profile Boats 635H Limited.
We have really appreciated your support and guidance with our custom build.
It was such a pleasurable experience fishing today due to the wonderful craftsmanship and design of the boat.
You have made our up-grade so much easier.

Many thanks
Keith & Sue April 2023

Profile Boats Testimonal by Andy Neish 635H Limited

Andy Neish 635H Limited

Hey Profile Boats. I just want to say thank you very much for all you guys did for me with the boat under trying times!! And what a boat… wow blown away by how it handles and goes. I certainly made the right choice 👍 Big thanks to the Profile team. Andy Nov 2022

Profile Boats Testimonal by John Spencer 635H Sport

John Spencer 635H Sport

Having been a keen offshore fisherman in Queensland and owned a variety of fishing boats, both fibreglass and aluminium over the years, I found it quite a task to sort through the huge choice of fishing boats available in New Zealand. Very important to me was offshore safety, hull performance, ride comfort , quality build and fitout. Now living in Dunedin a hardtop was a must have. Taking into account the lack of decent ramps plus the additional room inside, the vast stretches of coastline with very little other boating traffic or close by Coastguard, I decided on a pontoon aluminium boat. Since this will most likely be my last offshore fishing boat, I had to make the right decision for me.  I am so damn happy that I bought a Profile 635H Sport. “Ticks every box” with the 150 four stroke economy the performance is fantastic. So if you see me around in “ Time Out” I will be only too happy to tell you all about it.   John Spencer August 2023.

Profile Boats Testimonal by Greg & Jay Moore

Greg & Jay Moore

“These Profile Boats are mean! If you are thinking about getting one, then just do it. Our Profile Boats 635H Limited has exceeded all of our expectations. It is bigger, faster, stronger in every way! The whole process of ordering to delivery was a great experience with lots of updates from the team at Profile Boats the whole way through. Great boat!” Greg and Jay Moore Profile Boats 635H Limited July 2021.

Profile Boats Testimonal by John and Sue Harris 635H Limited

John and Sue Harris 635H Limited

Hi Richard,

I believe John has already rung you this morning about our great new boat, but I also wanted to email you and thank you very much

for a beautiful boat and all your communication through out the whole building process. You kept us well informed with photo’s and emails.

John has been a boat builder for 50 years and it was a huge decision for him to get somebody else to build him a boat.

Everybody that has popped in to see it loves it and they all love our colour choice.

As for John he has been walking around with a grin form ear to ear since he got it home.

Thank you again and you will definitely receive recommendation from us.

Kind regards

Sue 😊

March 2021

Profile Boats Testimonal by Charles and Rhonda NSW Australia 635H Limited

Charles and Rhonda NSW Australia 635H Limited

“We purchased a Profile Boats 635H Limited and we are really impressed with its ride and quality finish. Profile Boats have been great to deal with and we definitely recommend purchasing a Profile Boat.”

Charles and Rhonda Melbourne, NSW Australia March 2021

Profile Boats Testimonal by Daniel and Melissa Lewis Darwin NT Australia 635H Limited

Daniel and Melissa Lewis Darwin NT Australia 635H Limited

“Our Profile Boats 635H Limited is so much better than we dreamed. We are based in Darwin Australia and the whole process of bringing the boat in ourselves was straightforward. Profile Boats have great boats and the service was excellent. We cannot wait to spend more time on it.”

Daniel and Melissa Lewis Darwin NT Australia. March 2021

Profile Boats Testimonal by Shaun Hoskin 735H Limited

Shaun Hoskin 735H Limited

“I love my Profile Boats 735H Limited , space, handling, functionality just makes our day on the water less tiring.

Still can’t wipe the smile off my face.

The team at Profile Boats have been so easy to deal with, awesomely helpful and just great to deal with.” October 2020

Profile Boats Testimonal by Adrian de Bruin 600H Sport

Adrian de Bruin 600H Sport

“Thought I would give you an update and let you know how happy I am with our New Profile Boats 600H Sport. I took it out for the first time to Raglan over the  weekend, we had the family on board  and the weather wasn’t that favorable.

The wind was blowing 15 to 20 knots offshore so I wasn’t intending to head out to far ,but as the boat was handling so well I felt very comfortable in heading to our fishing grounds at 55m (18km ) off shore.

The boat was excellent at handling the  chop, and I didn’t even get wet with the spray regularly over the top of the hard top.

I didn’t think I could be so happy with the boat but it has lived up to every thing I was hoping it would and more.”  October 2020

Profile Boats Testimonal by Martin Knight 635H Sport

Martin Knight 635H Sport

“Have had it out of Bluff catching Blue Cod and also Jackson’s bay on the West Coast which certainly put it to the test – 3.5m swells 15 km out and started to blow straight up from the Southern Ocean!”

“Great experience and the boat performed well with 6 onboard”  August 2020

Profile Boats Testimonal by Carl Smith WA 940HW

Carl Smith WA 940HW

“Still loving my Profile Boats 940HW, what a great rig” Apr 19

Profile Boats Testimonal by Geoff Thomas 635H Limited

Geoff Thomas 635H Limited

“I put the 635H to the test on the Hauraki Gulf and while it was not in heavy seas, there was a dirty wind-v-tide chop which can be quite nasty. The boat handled it beautifully, and we could maintain a good speed in the conditions. What is particularly impressive is the smooth ride. It is certainly soft riding, which in an alloy hull is usually not the case.”

Profile Boats Testimonal by Nigel Smith 735H Platinum

Nigel Smith 735H Platinum

“ Been out in it heaps. Love it! Great customer service.” Nigel Smith

Profile Boats Testimonal by Mike Feather 635H Sport

Mike Feather 635H Sport

“Thanks Profile boats. First game fishing shakedown and managed to christen the boat. A massive improvement from my last boat. If anyone wants a mid range platform to go game fishing then purchase one of these. These boats are awesome.”

Profile Boats Testimonal by Gavin Brown Perth WA 585C

Gavin Brown Perth WA 585C

“I’ve had over 35 years experience around boats and have found my Profile Boats 585C to be the most versatile boat, in it’s size range, I’ve been on. It’s ability to handle all sea conditions has impressed me and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a safe and stable fishing boat.”

Profile Boats Testimonal by Jason Gaukrodger 635H Limited

Jason Gaukrodger 635H Limited

“The boat is going brilliantly…The boat has exceeded my expectations, it’s great having the space and the great layout which is something everyone that’s been on board has commented about. Water skiing was surprising, it felt like the wake was smoother than our previous Haines Hunter and was a piece of cake to pull 2 skiers at the same time.

Can’t say enough about these boats the design and planning is brilliant and the craftsmanship is amazing. When we were water skiing my pump to blow up the ski biscuits cut out. When I got home and checked I found the pump was fine but no power in the socket outlet on the dash. Opened up the panel behind the dash and was amazed at the workmanship of your technician, all cables were cable tied, labeled and beautifully laid out. The panel switch was labeled to the corresponding fuse was so easy to sort, gives you a lot of confidence when you see this level of workmanship which is normally not seen until you have a problem.

If you have any enquiries over our way feel free to put them in contact with me if they want to see a 635H. We are very happy with ours.”

Profile Boats Testimonal by Grant Evans 800HW Limited

Grant Evans 800HW Limited

This is the ultimate fishing, diving and family boat. It ticks all boxes – easy ute tow, handles the roughest conditions (50knot southerly storm on first trip no worries), fast and rides beautifully. It blows the opposition out of the water. The gamechanger is the secure doors and all the options they give, fully open, or closed and cosy when the weather changes. No I am not a salesmen and this is unsolicited – just a very happy purchaser of the above.

Profile Boats Testimonal by Greg Jarvis 635H

Greg Jarvis 635H

“Picked my new Profile Boats 635H Limited up a couple of weeks ago in Christchurch- absolutely love it… It goes as well as it looks.”


Profile Boats Testimonal by Andrea Jarvis 635H

Andrea Jarvis 635H

As you can tell by the number of photos, we absolutely love our boat. It’s such an awesome machine and the ability to get out on the water in such safety and comfort (and catch some awesome fish!) is just fantastic.

Profile Boats Testimonal by Sam Damoussi 635H Limited

Sam Damoussi 635H Limited

“The fact that there is so much quality in the product; from the intricacy of the craftsmanship, to the ride, to the specification advice, to the after sales service, is fantastic. The future is definitely bright for Profile Boats.”

Profile Boats Testimonal by David Eaton Perth WA 545C

David Eaton Perth WA 545C

The boat is going great! (Profile Boats 545C) Couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve been out on it a bit around Perth but haven’t made it to Rotto yet or out further. My brother and Dad took it to Jurien Bay to do some serious fishing, they said it absolutely carved up in the chop and handling of it was spot on.

Profile Boats Testimonal by Michelle King 585H Sport

Michelle King 585H Sport

Handles like a dream. Absolutely love it. Highly recommend these boats. I love my fishing and it’s already lucky

Profile Boats Testimonal by David Stettner 1410D

David Stettner 1410D

“These boats are awesome, got caught out last Sunday when that westerly came through and the 1410D coped no problem …just a bit of spray over the bow heading home.” 27 Nov 2015

Profile Boats Testimonal by Mark Pitiroi

Mark Pitiroi

Love my Profile Boats 700H had it for 2 years ,great diving and fishing platform .l am a dive shop operator in Auckland at Go Dive Center and have had 8 divers and all gear on board and it handled it with ease . We ordered the boat how we wanted and were pleased with the staff and process . Great boat highly recommend.

Mark Pitiroi 22 June 2015

Profile Boats Testimonal by Anthony Sabiston 545C

Anthony Sabiston 545C

I wanted to convey our satisfaction with our recently purchased 545C Profile. We gave the boat its test run in Taupo as our kids desperately wanted some skiing and wakeboarding time. Having previously owned a fibreglass boat that was used both in Taupo and Hawke Bay I was eagerly awaiting to see how the aluminium compared, also given Taupo is so dominated by fibreglass. Well it was a superb boat for the lake and for what we were doing as we had kids, skis, boards and water in and out of the boat all the time. Overall we felt it bettered the experience of our previous fibreglass boat because of its spaciousness, ease of handling, easier care and of course the impressive 4 stroke Mercury which made motoring a dream. Trailering was a breeze, as was towing it on the none too easy Napier-Taupo Road. It will soon be out to Waimarama and based on Profiles popularity there, Im sure it will live up to its reputation. Lastly my wife was also thrilled with the new boat and to boot caught the first fish of the boat.

Profile Boats Testimonal by Trevor Mitchell 1410CC

Trevor Mitchell 1410CC

What a fantastic little boat! (Profile Boats 1410CC) Arrived in Picton , teaming with rain , wind 20-30 kn from North , wind driven short chop / waves 0.5 to 0.7m
Boat packed with gear from CC to bow and 50 l bin full aft , plus Graeme and me standing at the CC. Little bugger ate it up , no spray on board and cruised out to house about 18-20 knts . Total control , bloody amazing. Can’t wait to see what it can do on a fine day and flat sea.

Profile Boats Testimonal by Maree Elsworth 735H Limited

Maree Elsworth 735H Limited

“We are lucky to own a Profile Boats 735H Limited twin rig . Love it! Best boat ever, and our favourite colour.”

Profile Boats Testimonal by Angus McPhail 545C

Angus McPhail 545C

I have owned my Profile Boats 545C for 6 years and it has proven to be a fantastic hull. I fully recommend a Profile Boats 545C to anyone who wants a capable, safe and well built fishing boat. Great for on the beach launching and retrieval.

Profile Boats Testimonal by Brett Windsor 750HW

Brett Windsor 750HW

Profile Boats 750H love it! .1 year 300 hours. Feels safe in west coast conditions. Brian is an awesome man to deal with and build your dream machine. Cheers to all your team.

Profile Boats Testimonal by Mathew Oates Profile Boats 1410D

Mathew Oates Profile Boats 1410D

Well officially 12 months owning my very first boat the profile 1410D purchased from yourself and your team.
What can I say, since owning her she’s been an amazing boat! I have been all over New Zealand with it now, from Paihia in the bay of islands on scuba diving trips and snapper missons, to lake Taupō chasing the rainbow trout, my most recent move has seen me travel to the South Island for Work. At first I didn’t rate the South Island fishery very highly and had not been out. However recently I took the boat up to Lake Tekapo in the Mckenzie country and in 2 hours caught my limit of rainbows, browns and the lake locked salmon! Our last trip out was just this weekend gone where we traveled down to Moeraki after blue cod, needless to say we did well and caught 30 blue cod in 1.5 hours!
I have attached some photos of the great memories I have had since owning the boat, I look forward to many more and even upgrading!
Since I have been living in Ashburton there has been a lot of people coming up to me asking about my boat, and saying how much they love the design and what it is capable of.
I thank you very much for your help and advice along the way with my purchase, please let me know if your ever down these ways and we can have a catch up, once again thank you so much!

Matthew Oates

Profile Boats Testimonal by Brent Butler 635H

Brent Butler 635H

Sorry haven’t had the time to send you any feedback, been too busy at work and boating has taken a back seat.

Have managed to clock up 20 hours so far. The first 5 where in flat calm conditions so it was a bit hard to get a handle on how the boat handled.

However the next 15 where done up north.

Day 1 game fishing out of Doubtless Bay 25 Knot easterly and a sloppy 2 meter swell. Well it’s fair to say the skipper & crew gave up well before the boat. This thing is unreal. It handles like a dream, there are no surprises. Like any small boat punching straight into a sea like that can be a little uncomfortable, but take it on 45 degree and the stability is fantastic. Not to mention the excitement of having a following sea.40-50 KPH surfing down the swells and it loves it, runs absolutely straight and true. Not to mention it doesn’t bury its nose into the next wave, just goes up and over, no large sprays going all over the boat. You hardly need the wipers.

Day2 launched out of Ahipara in much kinder conditions. Had about a meter or so of swell so where able to push a little harder than previous day .This boat lands nicely on its rear end and re-entry is soft. No back breaking banging and crashing. Unfortunately our day was cut short and we spent nearly 4 hours towing home a broken down boat.

It’s not often I wish work was a little slower, but can’t wait to spend more time on the water.

Thanks to your team and the guys at Profile Boats for the quality job you did in both the build and the fit out.

In short I’m bloody wrapped.


Brent Butler (Owner 635H delivered Feb 2014)

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