Profile Boats 1410D Dive

The Profile Boats 1410D with higher sides, deflector pontoons and turn down chines this boat is exceptionally stable in all conditions.

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 20,490

Profile Boats 465C

It has a ride that will surprise you and offers a spacious deck for a vessel of this size

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 46,108

Profile Boats 545C

Considered a good all rounder that is practical, smart and easily managed.

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 68,860

Profile Boats 585C

Big enough for a serious days boating and low enough to fit in the average garage, this model can dress-up for family comfort or stay hardcore.

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 79,351

Profile Boats 585CC

The Profile 585 Centre Console is a specialist fishing boat that offers maximum room for anglers

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 82,503

Profile Boats 585H

The Profile Boats 585H is very capable of an exciting day offshore, offering protection from both adverse weather and the sun.

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 89,258

Profile Boats 600H

The ride and room is more then you would expect from a 6mtr hard-top and the stability is impressive

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 92,939

Profile Boats 635H

The Profile Boats 635H is the perfect combination of a strongly built vessel providing comfort and supreme safety, with the serious fisherman very much in mind

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 120,296

Profile Boats 735H

With the ability to overnight and then start out early the next morning to chase game fish in your favourite blue water location, the Profile Boats 735H creates a new level of capability.

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 158,812

Profile Boats 750HW

The Profile Boats 750HW is for the person who wants it all. A smart looking boat with style and comfort that is blended with a seriously capable offshore rig.

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 183,578

Profile Boats 785H

With an enclosed cabin this boat is ready for adventure

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD $285,491

Profile Boats 835HW

"The ultimate fishing weapon". For the family or your mates. This is the ultimate package.

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 449,527

Profile Boats 940HW

Profiles flagship 940HW embodies every value of the Profile Boats brand. Quality, strength, stability, superior design, and sensational performance.

Starting Price: RRP from $NZD 375,613

Profile Boats Amphibious

Profile Boats manufactures amphibious versions of the 735H

Starting Price: RRP from $POA

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